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All-in-one leading provider of recruiting and outreach services designed to help with even the most demanding staffing needs.


At Labor Connect, we are a committed, highly driven team of recruitment specialists with experience of skillfully and swiftly matching candidates to the right role.

​We recruit for a variety of industries, including:

❖Truck Driving


In today’s competitive job market, it takes a proactive approach and cutting-edge ideas to get results. We Operate - and Excel - with this in mind.



Labor Connect provides a meticulous and personalized experience, focusing on delivering unmatched results when you need them. We know that time isn’t always on your side, which is why we take pride in being the go-to recruiting service for companies with immediate hiring needs.

Our services consist of innovative strategies and methods, considering your time and convenience at the forefront. Labor Connect utilizes unique talent outreach strategies, an easy-to-use platform, and creative virtual hiring events to customize your hiring experience for optimal results.
Whatever your hiring needs, Labor Connect is here to help.



Our team of experienced talent outreach specialists advertises jobs across various popular job sites, such as LinkedIn,, ZipRecruiter, CareerBuilder, and Indeed.

They undertake extensive searches to identify and engage with only the most qualified candidates, who we then assess and invite to an interview or virtual job event. Our services are designed to take the burden out of the hiring process, helping companies continue to operate and thrive even when they’re shorthanded.


Through our easy-to-use platform, we collectively manage and assess prospective candidates quickly and efficiently. It combines effective technology, reliable customer support, and recruiting expertise to deliver results.


Video Interviewing/Chat

Our video interviewing service is user-friendly and requires no app installations or software downloads. With just one click, you can meet with your candidate.


Two-way Texting

With our simple text communication integration, you can stay in touch with your prospective candidates via text message on our platform, making it easy and convenient to keep on top of the hiring process.


Interview Scheduling

​Once we’ve found your prospective candidates, we’ll schedule an interview with them over the phone, in person, or via a video call. Our platform immediately notifies them of the interview details and even sends them reminders leading up to the meeting. 


Team Collaboration

Our team works as one to ensure each aspect of the recruiting process is seamless and practical. We collaborate on each case to schedule interviews, stay in contact with candidates, and even conduct interviews.  



We build and implement text-to-hire campaigns into the platform (e.g. ‘text work to 55512 to work at *your company*), making it easier and quicker for candidates to apply to the role.

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Virtual Hiring Events 


Recent times have forced us all to undergo considerable changes in how we operate. At Labor Connect, we’ve embraced innovative hiring methods to suit this new reality.
Our virtual hiring events combine technological ease with recruiting expertise, delivering quick and practical results. Each virtual event is tailored entirely to the needs of our clients, and we organize the hiring process around your schedule and availability. If you’re opening a new facility and need staff immediately, or you require extra helping hands during a busy season, Labor Connect can help.
So far, we’ve hosted over 150 successful virtual hiring events, helping countless organizations find their perfect candidates in no time at all. 

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